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From the desk of AJ “Big Al” Alfaro

Hi, my name is AJ and I want to tell you about an exciting opportunity for ClickBank Affiliates.

But first, you must know, the measure of your success is entirely up to you.

I’ve done everything I can to create a superior product, with an irresistible offer, for a lucrative market that I know very well.

So if you can drive qualified traffic to my high-converting sales page …. and you’re interested in making money in the Penis Enlargement niche, keep reading below.

Let’s get started…

Here’s 7 reasons why you’ll love being a PE Method Affiliate:

  1. “Brand Power”
  2. Superior Product
  3. Hot Niche Market
  4. High Commission Rate
  5. Low Refunds
  6. Irresistible Offer
  7. High Converting Sales Page

Supercharge Your Marketing with “Brand Power”

To become a PE Method Affiliate it’s important for you to know I’m a Penis Enlargement coach.

I help men avoid surgery by safely and permanently enlarging their penis using my proven growth methods. These methods include stretching, pulling and other secrets I only tell my coaching clients.

Here’s just some of what I’ve done in the past 20 years in this niche…

  • Shown over 250,000 men how to grow their penis using my methods.
  • Expert contributor on the largest online Penis Enlargement forum
  • Authored books for the penis enlargement marketplace
  • Featured on MSNBC, CNN, Fox News, PlayBoy, Men’s Health and more

In short, I’ve become a “Brand Name” in the Penis Enlargement industry.

And that’s what I mean by “Brand Power.”

When you’re marketing The PE Method, you’re NOT marketing some nameless, faceless, shady product with no credibility.

The PE Method has my reputable name and face all over it. Which will give you major credibility in your marketing.

And genuine credibility is KING in a skeptical marketplace, making The PE Method an easy buy for this market.

You Will Offer a Superior Product

The PE Method is an online video training platform.

This is the first of its kind and is revolutionary in the penis enlargement niche.

At this point, the market is flooded with BS pills creams and contraptions that don’t work.

There’s also cheesy Ebooks filled with information you can easily find on Google. These Ebooks are typically ghostwritten and don’t offer anything of real value. Affiliates who try to market these products quickly find out they have high refund rates and don’t make enough money for the effort they put in.

With The PE Method you’ll be marketing a product filled with exclusive, highly-sought-after information reserved only for my coaching clients.

The PE Method also offers a system for rapid penis enlargement called the “2-Phase P.C. Sequence” which isn’t available anywhere else online.

Beyond enlargement, The PE Method also offers routines to help men eliminate erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation and other frustrating sexual problems.

The PE Method Offers:

  1. My brand-new “2-Phase P.C. Sequence” for rapid penis growth
  2. 100% exclusive content
  3. High quality training videos
  4. Easy-to-navigate learning platform
  5. Specialized routines for eliminating the markets most sexually frustrating problems

Make Money in a “Recession-Proof” Market

The Penis Enlargement industry ain’t going nowhere my friend.

That’s because having a small penis (or simply believing you have one) brings dramatic emotional pain to many men.

So much pain that they will do (and pay) practically anything to fix it.

That’s why the Penis Enlargement market is full of rabid buyers.

And that’s why you could make a decent chunk of change as a PE Method Affiliate.

Earn 75% Commission on an Easy $97 Sale

The PE Method sells for a one-time payment of $97.

You’ll be earning 75% on each $97 sale which turns out to be $72.75.

This is a nice change from marketing pitifully low-priced affiliate products.

And unfortunately, many of these products don’t offer any customer support which leads to higher refund rates.

But not so with the PE Method.

Keep Your Hard Earned Money with Low Refunds

Nothing sucks worse than losing money from refunds.

The PE Method is able to keep refund rates low with outstanding customer service.

Any customer that has a question is able to personally contact me to help with their problem.

Drive Traffic to an Optimized Sales Page

I sought the help of a highly-successful marketing company with decades of experience in the male enhancement niche to write and optimize my entire sales page.

This way you know you’re sending traffic to a sales page that actually converts!

The sales page is loaded with proof, testimonials, bonuses and more.

Simply drive traffic … sit back … and watch your sales roll in.

Make Them An Offer They Can’t Refuse!

One reason why the sales page converts so well is the amazing PE Method offer.

First, the PE Method is backed by a generous 67-day, money-back guarantee. This gives the prospect a sense of assurance when making a purchase. It’s been proven that guarantees increase response compared to not having one.

This incredible offer also includes $216 worth of bonuses.

These bonuses include exclusive training routines to help solve men’s most frustrating sexual problems like premature ejaculation, erectile dysfunction and more.

And the PE Method is priced to sell.

My average 1v1 client spends hundreds (to thousands) of dollars on my coaching services. And many of them admit to spending tons of money on other enlargement products before trying my coaching.

Bottom line: This market is full of rabid buyers. And with a keen insight into this niche myself, I know that the $97 price tag is a bargain for most prospects.

That’s why if you know how to send qualified traffic to a sales page, you’re going to love being a PE Method affiliate.

Benefits of Being a PE Method Affiliate…

Here’s a recap of everything you get as a PE Method Affiliate…

You’ll have “Brand Power.” Many affiliate products don’t have a reputable name or brand attached. With the PE Method you’ll have my name attached, which is well-established in the enlargement industry as a trusted “expert” for over 20 years.

You’ll get paid on time, every time! ClickBank’s reputation comes from paying affiliates on time for the past 20 years.

You’ll NEVER have any customer headaches or hassles! Send traffic, make sales, and never worry about customers beating down your door, ever!.

You’ll receive 75% commission on a $97 sale. Do the math Chief. That’s a nice chunk of change you can put in your greedy old piggy bank.

You’ll send traffic to a high-converting sales page. If you’re sending qualified traffic (men who want a bigger penis) you could see a continuous flow of sales roll in like waves in the ocean.

You’ll get paid even when they don’t buy now! Did you send traffic that didn’t convert right away? No problem. You’ll get credit for sales up to 60 days later because of ClickBank tracking cookies.

You’ll keep the money you earn with low refunds! Nothing sucks worse than seeing your money disappear because of refunds. That’s why we deliver outstanding customer support to keep refunds as low as possible.

You’ll be marketing a proven Penis Enlargement “System.” The PE Method gives customers access to my proven, systematic approach for enlarging their penis naturally.

And more!

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